Apple to announce improved features for the Music app at WWDC

Apple to announce improved features for the Music app at WWDC
We've been counting down the days until June 10th because that is the day when Apple will kickoff WWDC 2024 and we are expecting Apple to show off the new AI features that it will add to iOS 18 and Siri. Many Apple apps will now provide an AI-generated summary of the content on the screen and we are really hoping that when we see Siri's new AI makeover, we hardly recognize the digital assistant. This will be the most exciting WWDC Keynote that we've witnessed, well, ever.

Besides helpful AI additions that will help iPhone users with their everyday tasks. something that Apple calls "proactive intelligence," we now expect the tech giant to add audio-related features to its audio-focused system apps. AppleInsider says that it has heard from people familiar with Apple's pre-release operating systems and was told that the company is now internally testing improvements made for its Music app. In iOS 18, the latter will be able to perform smoother audio transitions and a mystery "Passthrough" feature.

The Music app will have an improved crossfade feature that allows for better transitions without gaps of silence between songs. While the current song fades out, the next song will fade-in. The new, improved version of the feature will be called "smart song transitions." The latter will allow users to adjust how long the crossfade effect will run depending on the preference of the user. The transition can be set to run from one-second to twelve seconds.

The Apple Music app will also continue to have the current version of the crossfade feature along with the capability to disable it. A new audio feature called "Passthrough" will also be available for the Music app and QuickTime. While it isn't clear what this feature is, AppleInsider says that it could be a new name for the Spatial Audio with Dolby Atmos feature. Spatial Audio is also called surround sound since it gives users the experience of hearing where sounds appear to be coming from while viewing a video, and the origin points of these sounds seem to be coming from all around the user.

While using Spatial Audio requires a subscription to Apple Music, that does not seem to be the case for "Passthrough" which will allow everyone to experience Spatial Audio. Passthrough will also be available on QuickTime for those running a Mac running macOS 15.

The report adds that Apple is working on hands-free audio control for gaming and a feature that is called "Spatial Gaming." Other improvements to audio accessories such as headphones and headsets are expected and the speculation is that the improvements will focus on gaming.

We are now inside three weeks until WWDC 2024 begins. Get ready.

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