Apple Watch users can enjoy having a busy, busy summer says the device's new ad

Apple Watch users can enjoy having a busy, busy summer says the device's new ad
Two weeks ago Apple released its latest  television ad for the Apple Watch. And as usual, we've seen the spot appear on network television several times already. The commercial shows how a craggy-faced old cowboy used the "ping" feature on his time to find his missing iOS powered handset. And thanks to that ping and the Apple Watch, as far as this one cowboy was concerned, finding a lost iPhone is as easy as finding a smartphone in a haystack.

Apple has now released a new sport for the Apple Watch Series 6 called "Hello Sunshine. The video weighs in at nearly 1 minute and 30 seconds and we could see it edited to fill 30 second and 1 minute ad openings. The video starts by showing a girl lying on her back on a grass field. "This summer, all I want to do is relax," she says. Suddenly her Apple Watch notifies her that while she took it easy yesterday, she needs to clear an activity ring today.

Hounded by here Apple Watch, she notes that she can relax-and perhaps run for a bit. But mostly, just relax she says. And run and get back into swimming. To reiterate that would be relax, run, swim and dance again. "I'll relax, I'll run, I'll swim, I'll dance, and I should take up rock climbing," she states. While climbing on a rock, the busy Apple Watch wearer falls hitting the ground hard.

No worries. The fall detection feature on the device pops up and our hero tells Apple that she is ok after the fall and doesn't require emergency services. Now, as she goes through the list of things that she wants to do she adds flipping a massive tractor tire. After that, she wants to hike to the top of a giant mountain.

So this summer, our hero will relax, run fast, swim faster, boogie down, climb rocks, toss tires, hike mountains, and become an internationally recognized ninth-degree black-belt grandmaster in Taekwondo. "The future in health," says Apple, "is on your wrist."
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