Driver license and state ID in Apple Wallet: here are the first states to adopt this

Driver license and state ID in Apple Wallet: here are the first states to adopt this
Earlier this year, at WWDC, Apple announced a slew of new features for its iOS ecosystem. One of them was the upcoming ability of the Apple Wallet to hold your driver's license and state ID, essentially removing the need to carry a wallet with you.

The feature was stated as "upcoming in select states". Now, thanks to an Apple press statement, we know which states will be the first to adopt this digital revolution — Arizona and Georgia. After that, Connecticut, Iowa, Kentucky, Maryland, Oklahoma, and Utah will follow. When? Uhm... [shuffles paper] we don't know yet. Soon? Probably post iOS 15 release.

Also, the TSA will be equipping some airport terminals and lanes with the tech needed to scan your state ID, so you'd be able to pass through with just a tap on your Apple Watch or iPhone — much how you do with Apple Pay transactions.

How does Apple Wallet work with state ID and driver's license?

Glad you asked. So, first, to add your document (ID or license) you need to scan it with your iPhone's camera. You will then be asked to take a selfie with the front-facing camera module. For added security, you will be asked to make a few random head movements and facial expressions. After this, the issuing state needs to verify the information and — if all is well — your ID is added.

When you reach a compatible TSA identity reader, you will get a prompt on your iPhone, which shows you exactly what kind of data the reader is requesting. You don't need to unlock or show your phone to anyone. Just tap on the screen to agree to the data transmission — it will be verified via Face ID or Touch ID before it goes off to the reader.

As always, your private data is stored on the iPhone's "Secure Enclave" subsystem in encrypted form. Apple says nobody — not even Apple — can ever access it. Apple and issuing states do not get information on when or where you are presenting your ID.

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