Music lovers are getting a "small" present in iOS 14.6

Music lovers are getting a "small" present in iOS 14.6
Has this ever happened to you? You hear a song that you like and want to find out the name of the tune and the artist. So you start navigating your iPhone's screen looking for Apple's own Shazam app, but by the time you find it and tap on the icon, the song has come to an end and it is too late. Until you hear that song again, it will probably remain a mystery in your mind (unless you were able to catch some of the lyrics allowing you to Google them).

Sure, you can try to speed up this process by adding Shazam to the Control Center, something that has been available to iPhone users since the iOS 14.2 update. Go to Settings > Control Center and look for Music Recognition and the Shazam logo. But spotted first by 9to5Mac in the iOS 14.6 beta is an even faster way to use Shazam thanks to an App Clip.

An App Clip is a small part of an app that can be downloaded to your device quickly, and it contains the part of the app that you need without having to install the whole thing. With the Shazam App Clip, the next time you just have to know whether that song playing at the mall was an old Guster tune, go to the Control Center and tap on Shazam. After iOS 14.6 is disseminated, you will see a tile-shaped prompt asking if you want to "explore your music."

Tap on the prompt and you'll get all of the information about the mystery song that you want to know including the lyrics, the ability to play it on Apple Music, and a link to download the full Shazam app. The update to iOS 14.6 is due to be released very shortly, so if you're music curious, you might want to install the Shazam App Clip as soon as you update your iPhone. Don't forget that you don't have to wait for an invitation from the App Clip to install the full Shazam app which is available right now in the App Store.

By the way, when you hear a song you like and don't know the name or the artist, instead of using Shazam, you can always ask Siri "What is the name of this song?"

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