Apple uses MagSafe to change how iPhones are displayed in the Apple Store

Apple uses MagSafe to change how iPhones are displayed in the Apple Store
Remember when you would walk into an Apple Store eager to get your hands on the latest iPhone? The tables would be full of cables including a Lightning cord, and a security cord to keep consumers from walking out with a stolen unit. All of these cables made the iPhone on display feel unapproachable and made a mess of the display.

But thanks to its MagSafe system, Apple has devised a new look for the iPhone displays in the Apple Store. Gone are the Lightning cables, replaced with MagSafe chargers on metal arms. This gives the appearance that each iPhone model on display is floating in thin air when viewed from the front. There is still a security cable placed on the phone underneath the MagSafe puck, but it is now retractable for the very first time reducing the need for Apple store staff to spool it back in.

And with MagSafe, it is so much easier to put back the iPhone that you've been handling. Previously you would have to plug the handset into the dock. With the new setup, all you need to do is use the stick the back of the phone in your hand to the MagSafe charger held in place by the aforementioned metal arm.

The result? Less clutter and a more inviting set up for those who like to go hands-on at the Apple Store. The only issue is that Apple has yet to widely roll out the new look. As noted by 9to5Mac, the new-look iPhone display has been seen only at the Apple Park Visitor Center in Cupertino and has yet to replace the current setup at other Apple Stores. Besides looking better, Apple might find itself selling more MagSafe chargers as consumers get a good clear look at how the magnetic wireless charging system works.

With the new Explore app launched in June, Apple makes it easier for those browsing an iPhone to compare features and pricing options with other iOS handsets. Hopefully, Apple will soon have this set up in every Apple Store as it appears to be a very win-win change helping both Apple and its customers. Just remember that MagSafe, and thus the new display-is available right now for only the iPhone 12 series.

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