Apple releases iOS 15.2 beta 4 for developers and the public

Apple releases iOS 15.2 beta 4 for developers and the public
Apple has started sending out iOS 15.2 beta 4 (build: 19C5050b) to both developers and public beta testers who are subscribed to Apple's beta program. Also dropping today for developers and public beta testers are iPadOS 15.2 beta 4 (build: 19C5050b), watchOS 8.3 beta (build: 19S5050c) and tvOS 15.2 beta.

Update to iOS 15.2 beta 4 has arrived

As we get closer to the final build of iOS 15.2, you might recall that it refreshes the Notification Summary feature, which allows you to avoid being interrupted by notifications from your apps filling up your display. Instead, all of your non-urgent notifications are bundled together in a summary that is sent to you at a scheduled time. Direct Messages (DMs) and Time Sensitive messages are always sent immediately, so keep that in mind.

With iOS 15.2 installed, the Notifications Summary no longer appears as a list, but is seen as separate blocks on your Lock Screen.

The latest iOS and iPadOS builds will introduce the App Privacy Report which will show users which data is being accessed by Apple and third-party apps via privacy permissions granted by them. These permissions may allow apps to access their iPhone's location, camera, contacts, camera, microphone, and photos.

The iPhone 13 Pro models have a feature called Macro Mode which automatically turns the ultra-wide camera into a Macro camera for taking extreme close-ups whenever the device is placed within 10 cm (3.94 inches) of an object. Macro photography will help you shoot photos of insects, flowers, and other subjects that are no closer than 2 cm (.79 inches) away. Apple is adding a toggle in iOS 15.2 that will allow users to disable Macro Mode.

And iOS 15.2 will also make iPhone users feel safer by allowing users to scan their surroundings for AirTags and other devices used with the Find My app that can track them without their knowledge. The feature is found in a new section of the Find My app that will appear when iOS 15.2 is installed on an iPhone and is called "Items That Can Track me." Any nearby items that do not belong to you but do contain Apple's tracking technology will surface under this section.

Additionally, any AirTags that are away from its owner for 24 hours and longer will make a warning sound. This helps alert iPhone users that they are potentially being tracked by an AirTag that doesn't belong to them.

And if you come across an AirTag tracked item that does not belong to you, the renamed "Help Return Lost Items" will give you information about how to contact the owner of the item so that it can be returned. The previous name of the feature was "Identify Found Item." This is perfect for all of you good samaritans who don't feel that the universe is okay unless every misplaced item has been returned to its rightful owner.

If you want to get in early on iOS updates, you can join the iOS Beta Software Program by tapping on this link. Keep in mind that Beta versions of iOS are unstable (like that little old lady with the 55 cats that lives next door) and certain features and apps might not work when you have a Beta build installed. Additionally, battery life could be diminished until the final version of the build is released.

How to join the iOS Beta Software Program

These things might not bother you, but it is something you need to concern yourself with if you plan on joining the iOS Beta Software Program. Once you install a beta version of iOS on your iPhone, you can leave easily if the phone is running an official version of the software. To do that, go to Settings > General > Profile & Device Management. Select the iOS Beta Software Profile, then tap on Delete. Confirm your decision and that is it.

Now it is a little tougher to leave if your phone is currently running a beta version of iOS. If that is the case, we recommend waiting for the next official version of iOS to arrive and then you should follow the directions above. Otherwise, you will have to restore to an older backup version of the operating system using your PC or Mac. And that means losing all the data added since your last backup.

By the way, if you already are a member of the iOS Beta Software Program, you can install iOS 15.2 beta 4 by going to Settings > General > Software Update.

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