Next week's update turns your iPhone into a karaoke machine and more

Next week's update turns your iPhone into a karaoke machine and more
We've already told you about some of the changes coming with the iOS 16.2 update expected to drop next week. One change will allow you to control the order in which stocks you are tracking appear on your list in the app. With the update, you can see the companies whose shares you're monitoring ranked in order from the highest market capitalization to the lowest. Market cap is the price of a company's stock multiplied by shares outstanding which makes up the valuations of the firms whose shares you're monitoring.

Users will also be able to list the stocks they watch by price change, percent change, symbol, and name. Or, the user can just set it up manually based on the way he/she wants the order to be.

The iOS 16.2 update turns your iPhone into a karaoke machine with Apple Music Sing

With iOS 16.2 comes Apple Music Sing. This new feature turns your iPhone into a karaoke machine that will show the lyrics to a song and lower the volume of the vocals so that you can sing along. This feature requires the iPhone being used to sport the A13 Bionic chip or later which means it will work with the iPhone 11 series through the iPhone 14 line and the iPhone SE (2022).

An optional Advanced Data Protection feature for iOS 16.2 adds encryption to iCloud data backups in several categories including backups to Messages, notes, photos, reminders, voice memos, and more. The update will also add two new Lock Screen widgets, one for Medications and the other for Sleep. With the former, you can have quick access to your medication schedule while the latter shows the analysis of your latest "sleep session."

Those who own an iPhone 14 series model are no doubt looking forward to the new feature in iOS 16.2 that will allow users to hide the wallpaper and notifications in always-on display mode (found on the iPhone 14 series only, sorry). Many users complained that Apple's implementation of the always-on display made it appear as though there is always a phone call coming in since the whole screen always appears active and lit up. With the update, iPhone users will be able to have their always-on display look more like the Android version with only some information on the screen.

After installing the update you'll go to Settings > Display > Display & Brightness  > Always On Display. Besides showing the time, notifications, and widgets, you'll be able to toggle on or off Wallpaper and Notifications.

The update will keep you from being the random victim of an AirDrop porn attack

A new AirDrop feature first used in China is coming everywhere with iOS 16.2. If a user's AirDrop settings are set to receive files from everyone, after 10 minutes it will revert to "Contacts only." This will reduce the possibility that a user will receive a pornographic image or something even worse. Random iPhone users have been known to be the unlucky recipient of AirDrop messages sent by someone on an airplane or during a mass transit commute.

By automatically changing the setting to "Contacts only" from "Everyone for 10 minutes," we shouldn't so much about hear about AirDrop bombs being sent to unsuspecting iPhone users. And  with iOS 16.2, sports fans with one of the four iPhone 14 models will be able to use the Apple TV app to select the games that will show  them live real-time scores from selected sporting events on the Lock Screen and via the Dynamic Island. Once iOS 16.2 is installed, you can open the Apple TV app and tap on "Follow" to see which games you can track using this feature.

Apple iPhone 14 Pro series users in the states and Canada can use this feature to track NBA and Premier League games. Major League Baseball games can be tracked this way in the U.S., Canada, Australia, the U.K., Brazil, Mexico, Japan, and South Korea.

And another new feature in iOS 16.2 will add news to the native iOS weather app. The update is expected to arrive sometime next week and you can keep trying to install it by going to Settings > General > Software Update.

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