Future iPhone generations could combine Face ID and Touch ID technology

Future iPhone generations could combine Face ID and Touch ID technology
While Apple’s super-complex Face ID technology implemented into last year’s iPhone X and the entire late 2018 “iFamily”, iPad Pros included, is already extremely reliable and secure, some sort of a biometric upgrade is reportedly in the works to keep fledgling rivals at bay.

But as more and more Android device manufacturers are expected to release their own advanced 3D facial recognition solutions, Apple may need to consider reviving an abandoned feature. As things stand, the absence of a fingerprint scanner from “modern” iPhones is definitely offset by the TrueDepth camera, whose magic is unrivaled by the rudimentary 2D face unlock technology on most Android flagships.

If (or rather when) the market will eventually be flooded with Huawei Mate 20 Pro copycats, some folks are likely to want the Touch ID sensor back. Apple rarely reconsiders these decisions (sorry, headphone jack lovers), but believe it or not, a glimmer of hope has just surfaced. 

A lengthy patent application filed in Europe all the way back in January and made public just a few days ago suggests Apple is at least acknowledging the possibility of combining Face ID and Touch ID technology on iPhones.

Having multiple biometric authentication methods on the same device could add an extra layer of security to your next-gen iPhone. More importantly, a fingerprint reader could be used as a backup unlocking option in the (rare) instances where Face ID fails to recognize the rightful owner of a phone.

Keep in mind that filing a patent mentioning this functionality (once) and actually making an iPhone with both Face ID and Touch ID sensors possible are two very different things. Also, don’t worry, the Touch ID button is certainly not making a comeback. If Apple ever decides to release a new iPhone with a fingerprint scanner, you can bet the farm the technology will be embedded into the handset’s display.

Another dreamy scenario suggested by this patent is one where the Apple Watch of the future would feature its own Face ID sensor, but again, this is all largely theoretical stuff that may or may not commercially materialize someday.

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