Take a gander at Apple's new ad for one of its hottest selling products

Take a gander at Apple's new ad for one of its hottest selling products
One of Apple's most popular products is the wireless Bluetooth AirPods. The product is part of Apple's Wearables unit, the company's fastest-growing business segment. During calendar 2019, Apple sold 60 million pairs of AirPods and it planned on producing 45 million pairs during the first half of this year. But the coronavirus shut down factories both assembling the product and those making the parts and components for the earbuds.

Last month, available stocks of AirPods were so low that all available units were being held for orders coming from both the on-line and off-line Apple Stores. While this has allowed Apple to keep the standard AirPods in stock for those ordering on-line from it, consumers who want to order the AirPods Pro have a two to three-month delay. Priced at $249, the "Pro" version of the earbuds offers Active Noise Cancellation, customized fit, sweat and water resistance and more. The standard version of the AirPods costs $159 ($199 for the AirPods with a wireless charging case).

Today, Apple released a new television ad for the AirPods Pro that shows a young woman wearing the accessory. The Transparency mode on the AirPods Pro allows her to hear the sounds of the city during the day such as vehicles driving by, car horns blaring and other pedestrians chatting. But when she presses the stem on the device to turn on Active Noise Cancellation, the sounds of the city disappear and our AirPods Pro wearing heroine only hears her tunes through the earbuds. The Active Noise Cancellation works so well, she feels as if she is all alone in the city in the middle of the night, able to dance as if no one else were around her. As Apple says, "AirPods Pro offer unprecedented control. Active Noise Cancellation for immersive sound. Transparency mode to interact with the world around you."

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By the way, in case you were wondering about the song that is heard during the ad, it is called "The Difference" by Flume featuring Toro y Moi.

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