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Apple's AirPods Pro are finally on sale at a solid discount from Best Buy

Apple's AirPods Pro are finally on sale at a solid discount from Best Buy
The incredible success of the road-opening, game-changing, and clone-inspiring AirPods probably caught Apple off guard as much as it did industry pundits and market analysts, as the Cupertino-based tech giant struggled to keep up with global demand for most of 2017.

Curiously enough, no sequel was announced in 2018, while 2019 brought us not one but two new editions of the world's most popular true wireless earbuds. Once again, though, Apple seems to have underestimated customer interest for one of these upgraded variants, which is frequently either backordered or out of stock entirely at many major authorized third-party retailers.

Even the company's own official US e-store lists the AirPods Pro as ready for a delivery no earlier than March 20 at the time of this writing, while Amazon promises to have the noise-cancelling bad boys in stock again on the same date, nonetheless allowing you to place your order today. Given all this, you can probably imagine scoring hefty discounts is essentially out of the question.

Check out the deal here

The best you can do is lower the $249 price by around 15 bucks with an Amazon purchase... or save a significantly higher $41 if you can settle for a refurbished unit. Don't worry, we're not talking about refurbs sold by some shady eBay vendor, but rather Geek Squad certified refurbished AirPods Pros available at Best Buy. These should look as good as new and function impeccably, having been rigorously inspected, tested, cleaned, and restored to their original factory settings.

Perhaps the greatest thing about this killer new deal (apart from the aforementioned savings, of course) is that you can actually get the discounted true wireless earbuds relatively quickly. Namely, by March 12 if you order them right now. 

Obviously, you'll want to hurry, as the delivery date could always start slipping or Best Buy could even run out of inventory entirely in the next few hours. If that doesn't happen, the promotion is set to expire at the end of the day anyway, so it's definitely wise to pull the trigger ASAP.

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