Android Subsystem on Windows 11 gets a limited, but stable release

Android Subsystem on Windows 11 gets a limited, but stable release
Participants in the Windows 11 Beta may check if they are among the lucky markets to have received a stable version of the long-anticipated Android Subsystem for Windows 11, as reported by Android Police.

When Windows 11 was revealed, it stirred up the scene with not only visual changes, but some awesome features too. Among the more exciting ones was the OS’ capability of running an Android subsystem, which will empower users to run Android apps and games on their PC.

The function is now released in over 31 markets with 50, 000 apps supported. While that number is high, Android users will know that Google Play has much more to offer than that, so what gives?

As of now, Windows 11’s Android subsystem only supports the Amazon Appstore

While the Amazon store’s offerings are nothing to scoff at, with apps like the Kindle Reader and Audible being available, it is also bound to be missing that one app that you are used to working with. We recommend checking for alternatives though, as still - 50 k apps is a lot of options.

However, before users can dive into the wonderful and exhilarating world of Android apps, they will need to take some time to set up the subsystem first. And the Amazon Appstore too. Yep, those don’t come pre-installed as of now.

And the process isn’t exactly straightforward. It involves following hidden links and renaming odd files. Power users will have no issue figuring things out, but curious people who just want to have fun should find a detailed guide online and stick to it.

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*Image showcases how the user journey begins. (via Inputmag)

While this is a really powerful and thrilling step forward for Windows 11, it’s actually just the start. A lot more functions are expected in the near future, like the ability to have a mini-Android screen on your desktop, that is even planned to support its own widgets.

There is still no clear timeline on when we can expect the Android subsystem for Windows to be complete, but one thing is for sure: it’s coming, and when it arrives, it will allow for a lot of shenanigans and multitasking on PC.

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