Best Amazon Prime Day 2023 deals on Amazon Kindle, Fire tablets and Echo speakers: recap

Best Prime Day Kindle deals: the best offers so far plus deals on Echo devices and Fire tablets
With Amazon Prime Day 2023 now behind us, it's time to make the usual recap of how the event went, what devices were discounted, and by how much during those exciting 48 hours.

Although we saw some incredible Prime Day tablet deals and Prime Day speaker deals during this year's Amazon Prime Day, in this article, we will concentrate on what we saw in terms of Prime Day deals on Amazon's Kindle e-readers, smart speakers, and smart displays.

Amazon Kindle deals

Amazon's Kindle devices are among the most sought-after e-readers on the market. And shopping events like Amazon Prime Day are definitely the time to get one. During Amazon Prime Day 2023, we saw whopping discounts ranging from 25% to 38% on Amazon's Kindle readers.

For instance, Amazon offered its Kindle Paperwhite Kids (16GB) with a sweet 38% discount, letting customers save $65 through this amazing Prime Day Kindle deal. Another nice offer was on the Kindle Oasis, which was $85 off its usual price during the shopping event.

Amazon also had amazing deals on various Kindle bundles as well during this year's shopping bonanza for Prime Members. For example, the Kindle Paperwhite Essentials Bundle, which includes the Kindle Paperwhite reader, a Leather cover, and a power adapter, was discounted by 41%, or $82 — when we convert the percentage into cash.

Another bundle that saw a nice discount was the Kindle Scribe Essentials Bundle, which includes a Kindle Scribe (64 GB), Premium Pen, and a leather cover. The bundle was available for $164 off its usual price. That was a pretty nice 31% discount.

Amazon Fire tablets deals

There are many tablets on the market, but the Amazon Fire tablets are probably the best choice if you are on a budget and just want a device for binge-watching Netflix or Amazon Prime. Furthermore, these already-budget tablets become even more affordable during Amazon Prime Day.

Like we saw this year, the discounts on Amazon Fire tablets ranged between 33% and 49%. You were able to get an Amazon Fire HD 10 Plus tablet with a charging dock for 49% off, which was $113 in savings.

Amazon also discounted many bundles on Amazon Fire tablets during Amazon Prime Day. For example, the Ultimate Entertainment Bundle, which includes Fire HD 10 Tablet and a Fire TV Stick, was discounted by 50%, letting Prime Members save $100. Prime Members also had the chance to save $105 on Amazon Fire Max 11 Productivity Bundle, which features an Amazon Fire Max 11 tablet, a stylus, and a keyboard case.

Amazon Echo smart speakers deals

If you want to control your smart appliances with only your voice but don't want to spend a lot of money on a smart speaker, you should definitely go for an Amazon Echo during Amazon Prime Day.

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These speakers support Alexa, and their usual budget-friendly price tag becomes even more budget-friendly during Amazon's own shopping event.

This year, we saw many Echo smart speakers discounted by up to 55%, like the Echo Pop, which was down by exactly 55%, or the Echo Dot (5th Gen) with LED display, which was offered for 50% off its usual price.

And if you wanted to save more, you had the chance to get an Echo Dot (5th Gen) with a built-in display bundled with a Sengled Bluetooth Color bulb with a stunning 60% discount. Or an Echo Pop in Lavender Bloom color bundled with a Sengled smart color bulb with an even bigger 65% discount.

Amazon Echo Show smart displays deals

For some, having a smart speaker isn't enough. In addition to using their voice to turn the lights on and off, they want to make video calls and be able to see their favorite photos at a glance. And this is where Amazon's Echo Show smart displays come in. They are affordable and become cheaper than usual during Amazon Prime Day, just like the Echo smart speakers.

For instance, the Echo Show 8 (2nd Gen) was available with a sweet 54% discount, allowing Prime Members on the hunt for this 8-inch smart display to save $70. The Echo Show 5, on the other hand, was discounted by 50%, which resulted in $45 in savings.

We saw a few discounted bundles as well. For example, the All-new Echo Show 10 (3rd Gen) bundled with a Ring A19 Smart LED Bulb was available for $103 off its usual price. And the Echo Show 8 (2nd Gen) bundled with a Blink Mini camera was discounted by 56% or $93.

Were the latest Amazon Kindle models on sale during Prime Day 2023?

Yes, they were. For example, the 6th Generation Kindle, which Amazon released in 2022, was available for $35 less. The Kindle Scribe, which was released in September 2022 was also available with a discount. As we said, the Kindle Scribe Essentials Bundle was $164 off during Prime Day 2023.

Can I use Amazon gift cards or promotional offers to purchase Kindle devices during Prime Day?

Yes, you can use Amazon gift cards or promotional offers to buy Kindle devices during Amazon Prime Day. Amazon usually accepts many payment methods, including gift cards, credit cards, and promotional offers. Just enter the gift card or promotional code during check-out to use a gift card or promotional offer.

How much can I save on Kindles during Prime Day?

Based on this year's Amazon Prime Day, you can save a pretty decent sum on one of Amazon's Kindle e-readers. For example, the Kindle Oasis received a nice $85 discount, while the Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition was down by $95.

There were nice offers on Kindle bundles as well. For instance, the Kindle Oasis Essentials Bundle, which includes an Amazon leather cover and a power adapter in addition to a Kindle Oasis e-reader, was offered for $138 off its usual price.

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