These limited Amazon Echo (2nd generation) editions are on sale at a $50 discount

These limited Amazon Echo (2nd generation) editions are on sale at a $50 discount
When Amazon unveils a new edition of an Echo smart speaker, Fire tablet, Kindle e-reader, or Fire TV streamer, previous variants of that same device typically disappear from the main e-commerce platform, occasionally making a return on websites like Woot to sell at large discounts.

Curiously enough, two second-gen Echo models are still available at the time of this writing on Amazon, even though yet another "all-new" Echo with improved audio capabilities was announced last week. These are no ordinary Echo (2nd Generation) flavors either, sporting eye-catching oak and walnut finishes instead of the... equally attractive fabric design of the standard Alexa-powered device.
The reason these two are probably sticking around is that they're actually limited 2017-released Echo editions, which is also why we expect them to be sold out soon and never return. If you hurry, you can add a touch of originality to your living room, bedroom, or kitchen design at a solid $50 discount. That makes the limited edition Echo (2nd Gen) a cool 30 bucks cheaper than the third-gen smart speaker in an array of fabric colors, including Charcoal, Heather Gray, Sandstone, and Twilight Blue.
Compared to its freshly unveiled successor, the second-gen Amazon Echo is slightly more compact but somehow also heavier while producing lower-quality sound. Of course, you should still be relatively satisfied by the "room-filling" audio power of this ultra-affordable 2017 smart speaker that can get Alexa to do all of the things the third-gen model is capable of. We're talking music streaming, news and weather reports, general answers to the most diverse questions, alarms, timers, and yes, even calls without you ever having to lift a finger.

Compatible smart home accessories can also be easily controlled, but keep in mind that the "regular" Echo does not come with a built-in hub in either its second or third incarnation.


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