All audio products by Nothing will get ChatGPT integration soon (but there's a catch)

All audio products by Nothing will get ChatGPT integration soon (but there's a catch)
Nothing is the first company that brings earbuds with ChatGPT integration, and the functionality came with the newest Nothing Ear and Ear (a). Now, the company's got a pleasant surprise for all Nothing fans and will bring ChatGPT to all of its audio products.

All Nothing audio products will be getting ChatGPT integration

ChatGPT integration will now be coming to the original Nothing Ear (1) and all CMF-branded earbuds.

The following audio devices will be getting ChatGPT integration support:
  • Nothing Ear 1
  • Nothing Ear Stick
  • Nothing Ear 2
  • CMF Buds
  • CMF Neckband Pro
  • CMF Buds Pro

What this feature allows you to do is trigger the ChatGPT AI bot with a pinch and hold gesture and then ask it questions, like for example, directions to a particular place.

The rollout begins on May 21.

It will only work with a Nothing phone

You will need to use the Nothing X app on your phone to enable the feature though, so only people with Nothing phones will be able to take advantage of it. If you have the Nothing Ear but you have another Android phone, you won't be able to use the feature.

To enable ChatGPT integration when it's live, you can go to the Controls section of the Nothing X app and set ChatGPT as a Voice Assistant.

Although this feature is great and very useful (and could be getting even more useful with ChatGPT's constant improvements), it's a tad bit sad that it's an exclusive feature reserved only for Nothing phones. But hey, nobody gets mad when Apple does that, so why can't Nothing?

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