This accessory will take care of one fear keeping you from installing the iOS 14 beta

This accessory will take care of one fear keeping you from installing the iOS 14 beta
You want to try out some of the new features coming to your Apple iPhone with iOS 14 so badly that you can taste it. You can install the iOS 14 beta, use the new Android-style widgets, find your apps faster with the App Library, enjoy streaming videos while multitasking with picture-in-picture, and more. But perhaps you heeded our warning about not installing an unstable version of iOS on your daily driver and you are scared to do so.

If you want to install the iOS 14 beta, using a battery case might fix one of the issues that come from installing a beta

With a beta version of iOS, some features might not work and they could be features that you are counting on having for work or home. In addition, beta versions of mobile operating systems are notorious for reducing battery life sharply. You would hate to see the outstanding long-lasting battery life of the iPhone 11 Pro Max cut down while using the iOS 14 beta. If reduced battery life is the only thing standing between you and installing the iOS 14 beta, there is something that you can do-a workaround of sorts-that would allow you to install the beta with less worry about your phone's battery conking out way too early.

The easiest solution is to buy a power bank and keep it with you all day. The downside to this is that you might need one with a huge capacity. For example, we've used a 30000mAh bank and it has much more power than you would need to use throughout the course of a day; while great for those camping trips or in case a storm causes a prolonged power outage, it also is not what you might call pocketable. Even a smaller power bank has to stay attached to your iPhone via a charging cable.

Probably the best way to install the iOS 14 beta on your iPhone without worrying about your battery life getting reduced dramatically is to purchase a battery case. This way you don't have to carry a cable at all times. For example, the Casely Power 2.0 case for the iPhone 11 Pro Max contains a 4800mAh battery that you can turn on whenever the battery on the device starts running down. And the case also supports wireless charging. Other companies offer a battery case for iPhone users including the 2200mAh mophie juice pack access and Apple's own iPhone 11 Pro Max Smart Battery Case with a 1430mAh capacity battery. Depending on the loss of battery life experienced with the beta, you probably would want to choose a case sporting a battery with at least the same capacity as the stock battery on your phone. For example, considering that the iPhone 11 Pro Max has the largest capacity battery on any iPhone, a case containing a 3969mAh or larger battery would be the way to go.

This is how you download the iOS 14 beta on your iPhone

So let's say you purchase a battery case and you're ready to install the update. First, you should fully backup your data. On the device that you're installing the beta on, go to the Apple Apple Beta Software Program page. Enroll your device and go to Settings > General > Software update. Install the iOS 14 beta and reboot your phone. That's all there is to it. If you do want to return to iOS 13, you will have to do a factory reset which is why backing up your data first is such an important step.

Keep in mind that reduced battery life is only one of the issues that could pop up when installing the iOS 14 beta. Most likely in early September, the final version of iOS 14 will be released and your iPhone's battery life should return to normal and hopefully, all of the bugs will be exterminated. But if it is battery life fears alone keeping you away from checking out the iOS 14 beta, a battery case can be a good way to soothe those fears so that you can be the first on your block to use App Clips.
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