ZTE coming to NYC for event on September 16th

ZTE coming to NYC for event on September 16th
ZTE USA turned to Vine to announce an event that will take place on September 16th, at the Glasshouses in New York City. The manufacturer's invitation hints that whatever we are being shown is "the next hot thing". The event will include a performance from "this summer's hottest breakout artist," whoever that is.

Unfortunately, ZTE didn't leave us a clue about this new device. We have no idea if we are talking about a smartphone or a tablet. Recently, the company released its highly spec'd ZTE nubia Z7, which matches up specs-wise against any Android flagship, but that model isn't expected to leave Asia. Earlier this month, ZTE did release its mid-range ZTE nubia 5s mini in the U.S.

ZTE decided to wait for all of those early September announcements from companies like Sony, Asus, Samsung, Huawei, Microsoft and Apple to pass before making this announcement. This way, ZTE won't have to fight those other companies for the public's attention.

source: ZTE via AndroidAuthority



1. Jinto

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2. JMartin22

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No one will care about this lol. It's only the Samsung/Apple news that concerns me

3. 0xFFFF

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Apple and Samsung seem beaten into the ground with media coverage already. I almost bought the ZTE nubia 5S mini LTE from Amazon as a secondary phone today. It seems like a great little phone for $280 off contract. http://www.amazon.com/ZTE-nubia-5S-mini-LTE/dp/B00MI7RXKI/

4. parthoman

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did they named it nubia to rhyme with lumia ?

5. nathan.carter

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Nubia means royalty. what does lumia mean??....

6. Jinto

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7. 0xFFFF

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The Lumia name is derived from the partitive plural form of the word 'lumi', which means 'snow' in the Finnish language. Surprisingly lumia means prostitute in Spanish language which is the native language for 414 million people and a key market for Microsoft Mobile. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nokia_Lumia_series

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