The YouTube app gets Flex mode support for the Galaxy Z Flip

The YouTube app gets Flex mode support for the Galaxy Z Flip
One of the Galaxy Z Flip's unique features is Flex mode, which allows for supported apps to take advantage of the device's unique form factor, and adjust their interfaces accordingly to the folding screen.

The Camera app, for example, splits the lens view and the icons between the Z Flip's top and bottom screen halves, when in Flex mode.

Now, the Android YouTube app finally also supports the uniquely-Z Flip feature, after Samsung worked together with Google to add Flex mode support in more Android apps.

In a news post, Samsung confirmed that Galaxy Z Flip users can now enjoy a hands-free YouTube watching experience. In Flex mode, the phone's display evenly splits into two 4-inch screens, and now the YouTube app interface changes accordingly. Any YouTube video will now fit into the top half of the screen, with square and vertical videos nearly filling the entire space, while the more common 16:9 videos will be adjusting to the center of the top display half.

Samsung also notes that Galaxy users in certain markets can get up to 4 months of free YouTube premium, allowing for ad-free viewing, offline playback and background play.

The Galaxy Z Flip was perhaps an unexpected success for the South Korean giant, with rumors of an upcoming 5G variant already floating around. In addition, a recent Samsung patent suggests that the company is looking into future version of the device, to possibly boast an even taller screen that bends over the top of the smartphone and continues to cover some of its backside.

In our hands-on review of the device, we found the design futuristic and refreshing, though its $1,380 price tag, together with concerns over long-term durability made it difficult to recommend.

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