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New Samsung patent suggests changes to future Galaxy Z Flip models

New Samsung patent suggests changes to future Galaxy Z Flip models
A new patent from the Korean Giant shows a device similar to the Galaxy Z Flip, featuring a display that curves around the top of the device, to also cover nearly half of its backside.

When closed, such a device could use the part of the screen that extends to the phone's outside as what would normally be an external display, serving for quick tasks and showing notifications, among other possible features.

This could also mean the return of Samsung's Edge screen, that was first introduced with the company's curved-display smartphones, and is used for accessing quick information, such as news updates and weather forecasts, along with notifications.

Considering the form factor shown in the patent, this both foldable and curved display may be planned for a future Galaxy Z Flip model. As always, though, a filed patent doesn't necessarily mean we're ever to see such a product actually released. In addition, it could just as well be technology planned for Samsung's Galaxy Fold instead.

We recently covered Microsoft's own new patent suggesting that the Surface Duo is also planned to feature what appears to be an outside screen, to be visible when the device is closed. It, however, functions in a vastly different way, implementing a third screen directly on the hinge of the device, which itself doesn't technically fold, as it features two separate screens held together by a hinge.

In any way, before announcing any new Galaxy Z Flip iterations, Samsung is currently most likely to release a 5G model of the current version of the device, by the end of the year.

The initial Galaxy Z Flip itself was a big success for Samsung, with its first batch of devices selling out quickly, requiring the South Korean giant to ramp up production in order to meet the demand.
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