Windows 10 Mobile core apps and the Store's hamburger menu are updated by Microsoft

Windows 10 Mobile core apps and the Store's hamburger menu are updated by Microsoft
On Friday, Microsoft sent out updates to various Windows 10 Mobile core apps. Among those updated were Windows Alarms & Clock, and Microsoft Photos. Others updated include Calendar, Xbox and Outlook Mail. Unfortunately, no changelist was sent out with the updates which most likely means that the proverbial bug fixes and performance improvements were the reason for their existence.

Another update went out on Friday from Microsoft to the Windows 10 Mobile Store. The update added a few new additions to the hamburger menu. For those unfamiliar with that term, it is the name for the symbol composed of three straight horizontal lines. Think of the top and bottom lines as being the buns and the middle line as being the meat.

Clicking on the hamburger menu now will give you more information about your account, such as an overall look at it, payment options and the ability to redeem a discount code. Clicking on each link will take you to the appropriate website using your Microsoft Edge browser. Another change will allow the Store to show you inside the search bar, apps that it suggests you download.

Keep your eyes peeled for the core updates and the one to the Windows 10 Mobile Store. They should all be here soon if they haven't been downloaded and installed already.

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