Wicked Lasers makes Siri protest an iPhone 5 meltdown

Wicked Lasers makes Siri protest an iPhone 5 meltdown
There are all sorts of pranks when a new flagship phone is introduced, but most of them happen after a new iPhone in particular. One of our favorites is Wicked Lasers beaming light at things, causing them to melt down or burst into flames, and it was the iPhone 5's turn now.

First, a bunch of their Spyder III Arctic blue lasers were set to concentrate at one point on the phone's display, causing Siri to protest the heat. The phone, however, was alive and functional after this warmup.

To put it out of its misery, though, Wicked Lasers placed one of their powerful Flashlight Torch thingys on top of the screen, and soon after the surface started heating up, smoke and flames burst, and the iPhone 5 was good for nothing afterwards. The tortured unit is now given away in a contest, if there are any takers for a charred iPhone 5.

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