Who ends up replacing Alexa? The complete Super Bowl ad is right here!

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Last month, we showed you a teaser for Amazon's Super Bowl ad. As you recall, Alexa had lost her voice and Amazon founder, CEO and richest man in the world Jeff Bezos, had agreed to a plan to replace her. But who ended up getting the gig? That is revealed in the complete version of the commercial, which you can view by clicking on the video at the top of this story. The first 15 seconds repeats the teaser, and from that point on, the content is brand new.

The first new scene takes place in the kitchen of a man who asks Alexa how to make a grilled cheese sandwich. Since Alexa has lost her voice, one of the replacements starts talking. "Pathetic. You're 32 years of age and you don't know how to make a grilled cheese sandwich." The British accent. The insults. Yes, Gordon Ramsay is one of Amazon's replacements for Alexa.

Other replacements include rapper Cardi B and Australian actress Rebel Wilson ("you're in the bush and you're just so dirty"). But the piece de resistance is the last Alexa replacement shown in the ad. We see a woman applying some makeup as she is getting ready for a night out. She asks Alexa (on her Amazon Echo Spot) to call her boyfriend Brandon. You might have goose bumps on your skin when you hear an eerie voice say, "I'm afraid Brandon is a little tied up." It's actor Anthony Hopkins, channeling his most famous role as psychotic killer Hannibal Lechter.

Luckily for the world, the replacements aren't needed too long. As the commercial ends, we hear Carly Simon singing her classic James Bond song "Nobody Does It Better," and we know that Alexa is coming back. Sure enough, just before the ad ends, Amazon's virtual personal assistant says, "Thanks guys, but I'll take it from here."

It might not be the best Super Bowl ad (we won't know until Sunday night), but we will give it points for being creative. And the ad also is a tip of the hat to the amazing growth that Alexa has experienced, coming out of nowhere to be everywhere as 2018 begins.

source: Amazon

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