Which new Windows Phone 8 feature tickles your fancy most?

Which new Windows Phone 8 feature tickles your fancy most?
You might have heard today that Microsoft lifted the veil over its much-anticipated new version of Windows Phone. As speculated, it is called Windows Phone 8, to jibe with the new version of its desktop, laptop, netbook and server operating system Windows 8, and phones with WP8 will apparently have its new tilted windows logo for a home button.

There were numerous features announced, some of which will unfortunately require new hardware, so previous Windows Phones are getting mostly the visual candy like the new homescreen, with an update dubbed Windows Phone 7.8.

Besides the more flexible interface, everything we hoped for will be supported, too, such as multicore chipsets, HD screens and microSD cards, but we are also getting things like free offline navigation and VoIP with Skype running in the background, as well as the "most complete' digital wallet experience with Wallet Hub.

Some might argue that all these pale in comparison with the fact that Windows Phone 8 will share the same kernel with Windows 8, and developers will be able to use the same programming code to write for both platforms, so the growth in apps and interoperability between the two will likely be exponential from now on, not to mention DirectX games will shuttle back and forth.

But to each their own, that's why we want to hear your opinion about which of the new features in Windows Phone 8 tickles your fancy the most? Checkmark it in the poll, and give us some clues as to why in the comments below.

Which new Windows Phone 8 feature tickles your fancy most?

Support for top-shelf components like multicore chipsets and HD screens plus expandable storage
Shared kernel with Windows 8 allows for interoperability, joint apps/games development, secure enterprise management
Customizable homescreen with free-moving, resizable Live Tiles
Free offline Maps with voice-guided navigation for every WP8 phone courtesy of Nokia
The NFC and secure SIM implementation with Wallet Hub, tap to pay and exchange content
Best in class IE 10 browser
Apps like integrated VoIP with Skype and Maps navigation can run in the background with managed power consumption
Improved speech platform for managing apps
Camera Extras like Smart Group Shot, Panorama and Action Shot

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