What has Google done so far to fight the coronavirus pandemic?

What has Google done so far to fight the coronavirus pandemic?
The coronavirus seemed like a distant threat once it appeared on New Year's Eve in China. A pandemic that is extremely contagious and that could one day appear in the United States and Europe... to many that seemed like something out of a fiction novel or a tale from the past century.

Unfortunately, coronavirus is real and it has turned the whole world upside down in a very short period of time.

It is tough times like these that we, humans, understand that we are all one, connected with modern travel and technologies more than ever before. We believe this interconnection is for the good, after all, and that we will emerge stronger and wiser from this crisis, but right now it's important that everyone take the necessary precautionary measures: most importantly limit your gatherings, pick up a reasonable amount of supplies (don't overstock!), wash your hands regularly and follow the latest advice by the CDC.

We think that these tough times are also a good opportunity for tech companies to step up and help the communities that made them the giant corporations there are today.

In this article, we will be tracking what Google has done so far to help fight the coronavirus pandemic:

March 15th

Google committed to building a nationwide website that will track information about coronavirus spread and preventive measures. This happened after US President Donald Trump suggested the company had already started building such a website (it had not).

March 14th

Google tweeted guidelines on preventive measures against coronavirus:


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