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What Android apps you can’t live without?

What Android apps you can’t live without?
With 1 million Android devices activated each day (that’s 12 each second), Google is continuing its march toward global domination with its mobile platform. We’ve been using Android since the earliest days of the T-Mobile G1, from low-end to high end devices, and it’s clear that Google improved not only the system itself, but also the apps that come with it.

What we refer to as the Google suite of applications pre-installed on most devices make a huge part of what’s Android, but in this post we’re curious to see what are the other apps you virtually can’t live without on your phone - apps so essential you wish they came built in on the device, so you don’t have to download them anew when you switch phones.

It all depends on your lifestyle, of course - for a photographer those might be totally different from those of a teen gamer, right? Nonetheless, let’s try and build some common agreement here - we’ll pool your comments to improve this article over time and we’re kicking the discussion off with a set of apps we ourselves can’t live without on Android.

You might have noticed that all of the apps we mentioned are free - this is just plain coincidence, but we guess there’s no better proof about the best things in life being free, is there? Now, let us hear the apps you can’t bear without - share them below.

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