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Website for T-Mobile's new pre-paid service, GoSmart Mobile, now live

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Website for T-Mobile's new pre-paid service, GoSmart Mobile, now live
T-Mobile is planning on starting a new pre-paid wireless service called GoSmart Mobile. The website for the service is now live and reveals pricing as low as $30 for unlimited talk and text. With the $35 a month service you get unlimited talk and text with unlimited 2G browsing which the website calls an "appropriate" speed for browsing, email and social networking. The $45 a month plan gives you unlimited talk, unlimited text and unlimited web. The latter includes 5GB of what is being called high-speed internet, but is in reality just 3G speeds. Go over that cap and you're throttled down to 2G.

T-Mobile's new pre-paid service, GoSmart Mobile
The only phone shown on the website is the Alcatel OT 838 for $69. The device has a dedicated Facebook button and a 2MP camera with video capture. A 2.4 inch screen and a physical QWERTY are some of the features of the device. Of course, you can bring your own phone to the carrier although BlackBerry units and micro-SIM devices will run with limited functionality. A SIM card kit is available for $8 if needed.

We have no details as to when the service will open for business, but we're sure that T-Mobile will give us a heads-up and we will pass that along to you. No thanks necessary, just doin' our job!

source: GoSmart via AndroidAuthority
The three price points for GoSmart Mobile

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