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Web site let people make real wagers on Apple iPad 3 features

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Web site let people make real wagers on Apple iPad 3 features
A U.K. web site, since taken down, gave tech fans a chance to bet on whether certain features would be part of the upcoming Apple iPad 3. Sky Bet, an online sports gambling group, allowed gamblers to place real monetary wagers on specs and features for Apple's next tablet like storage, wireless connectivity and ports. Bets in those categories were part of a series of "yes" or "no" wagers that came with a list of odds. The highest pay-off in this category, at 12 to 1, came from a bet that the tablet would feature a microSD slot.

Sky Bet did not respond to questions about why the site was taken down, although we would, uh, bet that Apple's in-house legal team was all over this (that is a bet we would probably win!). While the company, which is part of British Sky Broadcasting Group, focuses on sports, it does take wagers on the outcome of reality shows and political affairs.

Before the site was pulled, the heavy favorite was that the third generation of Apple's tablet would not have a microSD slot (1 to 50), and that the device would not launch with a Samsung-esque AMOLED display (1 to 25).  In case you were wondering, the odds were 1 to 8 that the Apple iPad 3 would come to market with a Retina display. You can check some of the other odds by looking at the screenshot below. The Apple iPad 3 is expected to be introduced on March 7th.

source: CNET  

Before being taken down, the Sky Bet site listed these odds for various Apple iPad 3 features

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