Vitaminwater refreshes your handset

Vitaminwater refreshes your handset
Selected bus shelters in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and Boston are providing more than just protection from the elements while you wait for your bus. Thanks to an advertising campaign from flavored water company Vitaminwater, ads at some stops include a 5 volt battery powered USB port that will allow heavy mobile electronics users to recharge their handset, MP3 player, and other mobile players. It's almost enough to make waiting for public transit bearable.

The bus stop chargers are part of the "You're up!" ads that show you how drinking Vitaminwater can revive you after a long, hard day. Come to think of it, almost every day is a long, hard day for our precious mobile devices. Constantly on the go, asked to push its performance to the edge despite having to work under all conditions. We ask a lot of our mobile devices and the least we can do is make sure that their energy is up to the tasks we demand them to do.

source: CreativityOnline via Crackberry
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