Video shows whether or not #Bendgate is a concern for the Apple iPhone 6s Plus

Video shows whether or not #Bendgate is a concern for the Apple iPhone 6s Plus
Last year, a story about the Apple iPhone 6 Plusbending in some pockets turned into the #Bendgate affair. It probably was one of the most talked about topics in the industry in 2014-2015. Apple took things seriously enough to pull the Apple media credentials of Germany's leading computer publication after it made a video showing the iPhone 6 Plus bending.

Apple said that only a few complaints about #Bendgate had been received, and released a video showing how it tests the phablet during production. Perhaps the best video about #Bendgate was a hilarious fake commercial produced by Team Coco. Do not miss seeing this clip again!

Apple decided that it needed to strengthen the material used to produce the sequel to the iPhone 6 Plus, and turned to the Series 7000 aluminum it employs on the Apple Watch. This material is used in the construction of aerospace products, but could it stop the new Apple iPhone 6s Plus from bending? A new video shows that one person could not bend the new handset. Two men were able to get some bend on the weak area of the chassis, but it would seem that no one should use #Bendgate as a reason not to buy the iPhone 6s Plus.

If you're not convinced, take a look at the video yourself. It looks like #Bendgate, like #Antennagate before it, is no longer something that potential iPhone buyers should be concerned about.

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source: FoneFox

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