Video shows difference between Flash Lite 4 and Flash 10.1

Video shows difference between Flash Lite 4 and Flash 10.1
Ok, you've been asking yourself why everyone is so excited about Android 2.2-especially the support the new OS build brings to Flash 10.1. After all, overseas the HTC Desire is equipped with Flash Lite 4 as part of its Android 2.1 OS. Flash Lite 4, Flash 10.1. It's all the same thing, right? Wrong. Below you will find a video comparing the same Flash video on an HTC Desire (on the left) running the Lite version of Adobe's software versus a Nexus One with Flash 10.1 on board thanks to Android 2.2. Almost immediately you can see that the Desire's picture is choppy and is not as smooth as what you see on the N-One. Part of this can be attributed to the faster speed Android devices run on Froyo, but we would imagine that the bulk of the difference has to do with the better version of Flash that Android 2.2 offers. So now who is getting impatient about getting their Android 2.1 device upgraded?

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source: Engadget

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