Video shows Jobs on the eve of the iPhone announcement; a rare side not seen often

Video shows Jobs on the eve of the iPhone announcement; a rare side not seen often
Four years ago yesterday, Apple co-founder and CEO Steve Jobs finally succumbed to pancreatic cancer. And while Tim Cook has done a terrific job keeping the ball rolling, Jobs' legacy still looms large at Cupertino. But when you die a legend, it leaves a big target for those who still want to shoot you down. Recently, there was a theatrical release of a documentary called Steve Jobs: The Man in the Machine that showed a side of Jobs that the promotional poster for the film called "brutal."

Apple, paying tribute to its fallen leader, released a video today that shows a side of Jobs that many never hear about. The video was taken the day before the executive introduced the Apple iPhone at MacWorld 2007. In it, Jobs tells Apple employees to go into an Apple Store and give one of the employees a hug. He also compared Apple to the Beatles, paraphrasing John Lennon who often said that as a group, each of the musicians were able to make the other ones better. "That's true of any team." Jobs said. "And we have a really great team at Apple."

Jobs also thanked those who worked hard on the iPhone, telling them that they are going to feel that the sacrifices they made to get the product out, would be worth it. Of course, time has gone on to prove that this was true.

source: ABC via BGR


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