Video shows Guy Kawasaki unboxing his customized Motorola Moto X

Video shows Guy Kawasaki unboxing his customized Motorola Moto X
Motorola advisor Guy Kawasaki has been passing off information about the Motorola Moto X almost from the beginning. Who could forget his hint about the customizable aspects of the device with the posting of a Porsche Exclusive on his Google+ page? Then, in late July, Kawasaki posted some pictures from what appeared to be a party held on the Motorola campus. One of the pictures showed a lucky gentleman holding a green Moto X.

On Wednesday, Kawasaki received his customized Motorola Moto X by Fed Ex. The phone has a customized short message on back which looks to be a web address. As for his color choice, he selected a white front with a yellow back with black accents. In the U.S., those wanting a customized version of the phone can use the Moto Maker or purchase the phone from AT&T. Eventually, Verizon customers also will get a chance to design their own Motorola Moto X.

What colors will you choose for your Motorola Moto X? The phone is expected to be launched August 23rd from multiple carriers including Verizon with the U.S. Cellular release coming just three days later.

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