Motorola advisor Kawasaki hints at customizable Motorola X

Motorola advisor Kawasaki hints at customizable Motorola X
Last week, we passed along the rather interesting rumor about the Motorola X being part of a whole new way to buy phones. The buyer would get to decide how much RAM would go into the phone, as well as choosing from native storage options, color and other specs. Is there any truth to this speculation? That is what Motorola advisor, Venture Capitalist, author and all-around nice guy Guy Kawasaki might have been hinting at when he posted a YouTube video on his Google+ account. Or, he could have just been screwing with all of us.

The video shows the Porsche "Exclusive" program that lets a Porsche buyer choose from a number of customizable options. Sound familiar? Even more intriguing was his comment that went along with the video, It read, "Wouldn’t it be great if you could personalize your phone like this?" Yes folks, it seems that when it comes to the rumor about a customizable Motorola phone, X marks the spot.

source: GuyKawasaki via AndroidandMe

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