Video-conferencing company Zoom starts using Oracle Cloud to meet growing demand

Video-conferencing company Zoom starts using Oracle Cloud to meet growing demand
The video-conferencing app Zoom has gained a lot of popularity in recent months because of the coronavirus pandemic and people working and studying remotely, therefore using the app for communication. With its popularity, some privacy issues also surfaced and people started doubting Zoom’s privacy and security. However, the company continued to grow its user count, while Zoom’s team was focusing on developing better security.

Now, The Wall Street Journal reports that Zoom has made a deal with Oracle Cloud for cloud services. Reportedly, the video-conferencing company is transferring more than 7 petabytes of data through Oracle’s servers daily in order to provide service to its growing customer base.

Zoom’s daily participant number grew to more than 300 million last week, and the company needs to scale up their infrastructure in order to assure uninterrupted service. Zoom stated that users use their video-conferencing app not only for work or online lessons, but also for family meetings, educational programs and even weddings.

Zoom also uses Amazon Web Services as a cloud provider, as well as some other undisclosed public cloud infrastructures. The company reportedly has its own data centers too. Cloud computing expert Craig Lowery, vice president analyst at research company Gartner Inc, told the WSJ that the deal between Zoom and Oracle is more of a marketing win than a tech win, because that seems to be an opportunity for Zoom to have more influence with an industry leader like Oracle.


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