Verizon's third Android device to have MiFi capabilities

Verizon's third Android device to have MiFi capabilities
Verizon recently came away from their meetings with Google with the plan to have 3 Android phones in its line-up by early 2010. While two of the handsets will be branded with well-known names, the third handset will be manufactured by a small company and will have the ability to act as a personal router. Unsung has learned that it will be the first Android phone certified through Verizon's Open Development Program. This program is supposed to make it fast and easy for a handset to make it onto Big Red's CDMA network.

To meet the specifications of the Open Development Program, vendors must meet the E911 emergency standard, the ability to activate the device OTA, and have support for SMS text messaging. The third Android phone will also have Mi-Fi support so it can act as a personal router. This phone will be available in early 2010. Lowell McAdams, Verizon Wireless CEO, said that the first two Android hansdsets will be ready for launch in a few weeks. One is expected to be the Motorola Droid/Sholes/Tao. A recent story suggested that Verizon might be offering the Android powered HTC Hero sometime in November.

Verizon's Mi-Fi technology allows up to 5 devices to have access to Big Red's 3G EV-DO network and has antennas for both Wi-Fi and CDMA. Having Mi-Fi on a handset would be like carrying your own personal server with you, wherever you go. And for Verizon, it is a win-win because subscribers get to grab a fast 3G network from just about anywhere while the carrier still is getting paid for the use of its' network.

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.source: Unstrung

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