Verizon's Nokia Lumia 928 claimed imminent with launch in May, three more Lumias leak


We got tipped that the Nokia Lumia 928, which might turn to Catwalk for T-Mobile, because of the expectations to be a gorgeous aluminum-clad version of the chubby flagship 920, might be announced very soon, and stock is due to arrive in Verizon's stores in the third week of May. The internal coding for this device's versions are reported as RM-860 for Verizon, RM-893 for T-Mobile and RM-892 for the international version.

Let's not forget that we are also expecting the Nokia EOS to be announced for AT&T some time in July, coded as RM-877, and being the much-awaited Lumia version of the groundbreaking 41 MP 808 PureView.

Meanwhile, the Love Wallpaper HD app logs revealed codenames for three more Lumias that are down Nokia's pipeline - RM-941, RM-943 and RM-910. The first two seem to be versions of a mysterious device slated for Chinese carriers, with claimed WVGA resolution, whereas the RM-910 is said to sport 1280x768 pixels screen of unknown size, which might be the rumored phablet, though WP will support Full HD resolutions soon. 

Let's not forget yesterday a research company came up with a report calculating the slice of the market Windows phablets will get in the next five years, although there are currently none of those. Yet it is still early to speculate on anything, other than the fact how Nokia seems to have a full portfolio coming down the pipe pretty soon.

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