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Verizon, T-Mobile duke it out in latest OpenSignal report

Verizon, T-Mobile duke it out in latest OpenSignal report
T-Mobile CEO John Legere might have felt even more animated and bubbly than usual over the last few days. Last week, a You Gov poll found that more T-Mobile customers were satisfied with their service than customers on Verizon, AT&T and Sprint. Then, earlier this week, data from the Ookla Speedtest app found that T-Mobile had the fastest 4G LTE download speed for the 20th consecutive quarter.

For the period from October through December 2018, T-Mobile averaged a download speed of 33.4Mbps, topping Verizon's average speed of 32.1Mbps. AT&T finished third with an average speed of 30.6Mbps with Sprint's 27.7Mbps average bringing up the rear.

But today, OpenSignal issued its latest State of Mobile Networks report. While Verizon and T-Mobile battled for the top spot in nearly every category, T-Mobile edged out Verizon for the fastest download speed by a very close margin. T-Mobile averaged 21.1Mbps versus 20.9Mbps for Big Red. However, that figure includes both 4G LTE and 3G speeds. Looking at 4G download speeds alone, Verizon (22Mbps) slipped past T-Mobile (21.9Mbps). It was T-Mobile's edge in 3G speeds (3.7Mbps compared to .8Mbps for Verizon) that allowed T-Mobile to come out on top overall. And even then, OpenSignal called it a draw.

Meanwhile, based on the OpenSignal app and the crowdsourced data that it generates, OpenSignal awarded wins to Verizon for 4G availability, Video experience, and Upload speed. AT&T picked up the win in Latency. OpenSignal says that Verizon and T-Mobile should continue to battle each other for the top spots in the near future.

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