Verizon roadmap features Android, Android and more Android

Verizon roadmap features Android, Android and more Android
Based on leaked information from a variety of sources, a roadmap for Verizon can be put together stretching into the first quarter of 2011. First, we have some rather sad news for those on Verizon who were hoping to see the BlackBerry 6 OS and the new WebKit browser running on a BlackBerry Storm. Big Red has laid to rest any plans for a BlackBerry Storm 3 9570. If there is such a device in RIM's future, it apparently will not be branded with the Verizon name.

It isn't all bad news for BlackBerry users on Verizon as the carrier plans on updating the Tour, Bold 9650 and the Curve 3G in October. The upgrade will fix some "known issues" and exterminate some bugs.

Later in October or in early November, the carrier expects to launch the Samsung Continuum (SCH-i400) which, as we reported Thursday, features a small OLED display called the "Ticker" directly under the primary screen. A Galaxy S device, the Continuum has a 1GHz processor code named "Garnett" under the hood which might be a Hummingbird refresh.

Also in October, the Android handset with the "BlackBerry look and feel", as Verizon puts it, could be launched. The Motorola VENUS looks to be a high-end version of the Motorola CHARM, right down to the portrait QWERTY below the screen. Unlike the CHARM, this handset will be powered by a 1GHz processor with Android 2.2 running the show.

In late October/early November, we should see the launch of the Motorola DROID Pro. As we told you, this variant of the DROID features global radios, a 1.3GHz chip, Android 2.2 and of course, Flash. There has been some talk that this model would replace the DROID 2, but there is no word about that possibility coming to fruition.

Around the same time, the HTC Merge/Lexicon/Lexikon is slated to be released. As we reported, the ADR6325 is basically the same handset as the Desire Z and T-Mobile's G2 with a zippy 800MHz processor and a landscape sliding physical QWERTY keyboard. Closing out this month, Android and Me added the entry level Motorola CITRUS to its version of the roadmap. A Motoblur device powered by Android 2.1, this model is strictly for the smartphone or Android rookie.

In November, the LG enV line of handsets presents its first smartphone and it will have Android aboard, The LG enV Pro will keep the Voyager-esque form factor with both an internal and external display. A 1GHz processor will be under the hood along with a global radio.

Another device added by Android and Me is the Motorola DROID T2 which could be available in December. You might recall that we reported
that the scenario laid out was for this model to be the first to launch with Android 2.5 (Gingerbread) while the  3.0 OS is being saved for tablets. We also mentioned the speculation that this device would feature NVIDIA's Dual-core Tegra 2 processor (hence the T2 name). A front facing camera is expected with this unit along with 1080 video encode/decode.

Moving ahead to Q1 of 2011, Verizon should be launching the Motorola STINGRAY Android tablet. The specs are sizzling as this tablet will come with a 10 inch display, Android 3.0 and a Dual-Core Tegra 2 processor. Originally launching with 3G connectivity only, the tablet will eventually be upgraded to connect on the LTE pipelines.

It sounds like Verizon customers have a very exciting fourth quarter of decision making ahead of them. Grab that Magic 8 ball and see if it is time to make the switch to a new phone.

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source: Engadget via AndroidandMe

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