Verizon prepares 15 still unannounced phones for release

Verizon prepares 15 still unannounced phones for release
** Update** If you want to see our current expected availability for upcoming Verizon phones, please visit Upcoming Verizon Phones section.

We got our hands on a document showing the product line of Verizon Wireless for the whole 2007 and there are plenty of new phones in there! There are photos of both already available phones and of ones that are still not announced even by the manufacturer. Here they are:

The Motorola Q9m and Q9c will be the CDMA-version of the Q9h and the successor of the Q which is still available with Verizon. The successor of the original Q has redesigned keyboard, very similar to the one of the Q9h (the 3G GSM Q) which we think is the best in the class. The Q9m is the Customer edition and will be available first, probably before the month is over. The Q9c is the Enterprise edition and will be available in Q4. Both are based on WM6 Standard Edition but have minor differences, explained in the table. Like the old Q, the Q9m and Q9c have 1.3-megapixel camera and miniSD slot, instead of 2MP and microSD found on the Q9h.

The UTStarcom SMT5800 will be another new WM6 Standard phone. Information on it has already leaked but it still hasn’t been shown officially, but the facts show it has both numeric keyboard on the front and side-sliding QWERTY, like the Vox S710. The Libra SMT-5800 has 2MP camera,128MB flash/64MB RAM, is upgradable to EV-DO Rev.A and should be available in October.

The Samsung i760 has been known for months now, but the document shows it will come in September. Like the SMT5800 it has numeric keyboard and side-sliding QWERTY, but has touch-sensitive display and so runs on WM6 Professional instead of Standard.

The UTStarcom XV6800 is the Verizon's version of the HTC Mogul, a EV-DO WM6 Professional phone (upgradable to EV-DO Rev.A) with 256 MB Flash/64MB RAM, WiFi, microSD and 2MP camera. It should come in October and replace the Apache (XV6700).

But let's make it clear: Windows Mobile is not the only platform for Verizon's smartphones! Palm Treo 755P will bring Palm OS to the carroer, in sleek form with internal antenna and with 320x320 pixels display. The exact version of the OS is Palm OS 5.4.9, the camera is 1.3megapixels and it supports EV-DO. The documents shows November as the release date.

RIM BlackBerry 8130 is the CDMA/EV-DO version of the Pearl but it comes with upgraded specifications, compared to the GSM variant. The camera resolution jumps from 1.3 to 2-megapixels with flash. The multimedia capabilities are improved with Stereo Bluetooth and 3.5mm standard stereo jack, while the slot for memory is again microSD to keep the dimensions pocket-friendly. Combine this with the well-selling design of the Pearl and you will see that the 8130 is clearly positioned as multimedia-friendly smartphone.

As not all people are happy with the big, bulky and camera-less 8830 when they want a global-phone, the Motorola Z6c Jackques will come right at place. It is EV-DO CDMA slider (we are not sure if it will be RIZR or ROKR labeled) that also supports GSM-networks that are required for overseas usage. Its specs also include 2-MP camera, microSD, speakerphone and Bluetooth but the Z6c will probably have similar functionality to the Z6tv, except for the TV features of course. The Z6c should come in November, while the Z6tv has the “Second half” as a release date.

The Verizon CDM-8630 comes with simple UI, large keys and 3 dedicated buttons for one touch dialing. It is clearly targeted to the entry-level market. It should come in the second half of the 2007.

Two mid-level clamshells should come before the end of the year. The Samsung SCH-U410 will probably be successor of the U340, featuring similar clamshell design with oval shape. The LG VX5400 will respectively replace the VX5300.

Also expected in the second half is the LG VX8350, a minor upgrade of the VX8300 with even more-oval shape, redesigned external music keys and internal antenna. We don't get the idea of this phone, as LG already has offered the VX8600 and VX8700 which look way better.

In addition to the SCH-U700 which we exclusively showed you a few days ago, Samsung will also offer the SCH-U900. The U700 will be slim clamshell with 2MP camera while the U900 will have 3-megapixel resolution and probably high-resolution camcorder. Both Samsungs, together with the V9m are listed also for second half of 2007.

Verizon's upcoming phones for 2007:

ModelScheduled Release Key Features
Motorola Q9m / Q9cAugust / Q4WM6 Standard, QWERTY, 1.3MP, miniSD
Samsung SCH-i760SeptemberWM6 Professional, Numeric+QWERTY, 1.3MP camera
UTStacom SMT5800 LibraOctoberWM6 Standard, Numeric+QWERTY, EV-DO rev. A upgradable
UTStacom XV6800OctoberWM6 Professional, QWERTY, EV-DO rev. A upgradable, 256 MB Flash/64MB RAM, WiFi
Palm Treo 755pNovemberPalm OS 5.4.9, 320x320 display, internal antenna
RIM BlackBery 8130 PearlNovemberBlackBerry, 2MP camera, Stereo Bluetooth, 3.5mm jack
Motorola Z6c JackquesNovemberCDMA EV-DO + GSM for overseas. Slider
Motorola Z6tvSecond Half of 2007Slider with TV feature
Samsung SCH-U700Second Half of 2007Thin clamshell, gold-color housing, 2MP camera
Samsung SCH-U900Second Half of 20073MP camera with lens-cover
CDM-8630Second Half of 2007Easy to use, Dedicated once-touch dialing buttons
Samsung SCH-U410Second Half of 2007Simple clamshell design; Pocket-friendly size
LG VX5400Second Half of 2007Simple clamshell design; Pocket-friendly size
LG VX8350Second Half of 2007Oval shapes, music-keys, integrated antenna

Big Thanks to Omie!

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