LG VX8700 Preview

LG VX8700 Preview
PhoneArena.com: Preview of the LG VX8700

After great anticipation from CTIA, the new LG VX8700 for Verizon has finally been released. It can only be purchased on-line or by calling Verizon, since stores will not carry it until May. The VX8700 is the first “Shine” phone from LG to be available in the U.S. market. Its brushed-metal construction is defiantly an eye catcher, as well as the slim design, measuring only 3.82"H x 1.95"W x 0.54"D and with a weight of 3.77oz. The metal appears to be made well and the phone feels solid and sturdy. Fingerprints are also much harder to see than on the Chocolate and VX8600.

The front of the phone features a 2MP camera and 65K Color 48x160 Pixel TFT Display. The front display is mounted in such a way that you must turn the phone sideways in order to view it. It shows the Time & Date, Signal Strength, Battery Level, and any Message Alters. There are also 6 choices for the clock format, but no way to have you own wallpaper shown. The left side has the Volume UP/Down and Voice Command buttons, as well as the charger/data port. The Camera button is located on the right side. To gain access to the MicroSD card, the battery must be removed. After a while, we found this to be a poor design and prefer a designated card slot accessible on the side. The hinge-flip on the VX8700 is very unique in the way that it is constructed, and operates in similar fashion to the hinge on the enV.

The internal display is 262K Color 320x240 Pixel QVGA TFT, similar to the one used in the Chocolate and enV. We found images to be bright, with good color saturation and detail. Text was also easy to read and did not have any jagged edges. The keypad on the VX8700 is also metal, with the numbers and letters being white back-lit. The combination of metal and white backlighting gives a very modern and sophisticated look to the keypad. We were also pleased that the keypad buttons are easier to use than the ones on the VX8600 that we tested last year. They have better feel to them and provide more tactile response, which was lacking on the VX8600’s flat keypad. The software menu on the VX8700 also carries over the look of the phone with the new Metallic Theme. It is laid out well and is easy to navigate. There is one other theme included (Business), but we like the Metallic Theme best.

The VX8700 and enV are the only two phones from LG that feature a 2MP camera. However, the enV features an AutoFocus lens, and the VX8700 does not. We found that both phones produce images with good color representation, but images from the VX8700 did not look as clear and sharp as images from the enV, even with the AutoFocus on the enV turned off. This could be caused by different sensors or lenses being used.

The call quality on the VX8700 was a disappointment. From the very beginning, we could hear a “hiss” sound in the earpiece during conversations. Raising or lowering the earpiece volume did not change the volume of this background sound. When talking to someone in a quiet environment, the “hiss” sound was very noticeable. There is only 1 speaker on the VX8700, which is used for phone calls, speakerphone, MP3 playback, and ringtones. We found that turning up the volume past medium while on a call would cause voice distortion to be heard in the earpiece. Also, the speakerphone and MP3 playback would sound distorted if turned up to loud. The enV and VX8300 does a better job with voice quality, speakerphone, and MP3 playback than the VX8700.

Overall we consider the VX8700 a good upgrade from the VX8600. The metal body, 2MP Camera, and QVGA are all welcome improvements. However, the call quality, speakerphone, and MP3 playback was not as good as the enV, A990, or older VX8300.

Expect our full review when final, commercial samples are released.



11. unregistered

My previous phone was a Motorola RAZR v3, so I bought the VX 8700 because it seemed like a stylish alternative with better features. I've had it for a few months now, and on the whole I've been pleased with it. I don't like gimmicky phones, as generally the fewer features crammed into a device, the better, but the camera on this is actually pretty good. Coupled with a $20 2GB SD card, you fairly long video clips can be recorded, and hundreds of images stored. Compared with the RAZR, the software on this phone seems more stable and it's much quicker. Call quality and battery life are in my experience on par with the RAZR, so there aren't any real compromises to be made in those areas. However, there are a few issues: - The keypad, while similar to the RAZR's in style, is much more difficult to accurately type with. The keys almost seem overly-sensitive, leading to quite a few mistyped letters and numbers. This was never a problem with the RAZR, and as such, it has become a minor annoyance. - Both the screen on the outside of the clamshell and the one on the inside are bright, but they're utterly useless in the sunlight. Again, this issue wasn't as bad with the RAZR, and this too is a minor annoyance. - Finally, unlike the anodized aluminum of the RAZR, the brushed stainless steel of the VX 8700 gets smudged, and quite easily at that. But that's a small price to pay for the conservative, classy style of this phone. None of these issues are enough to make me want to get rid of the phone, it should be said. However, if you've got a good working RAZR and have no wish for a change in style or for the removable SD memory and improved camera, I'd say save your money and stick with the Motorola.

10. unregistered

Mine won't keep a bluetooth connection at all! I'm on my 2nd phone and 2nd headset. This phone does not come with a plug in for a traditional wired headset so the only choice of hands free (law in CA) is to use the bluetooth and it simply will not stay connected. I am very disappointed in this phone. We used to be in love but now its over.

12. spitlube unregistered

mine has similar problems - tried a replacement - still not working - actually worse - took them back - they gave us a lower model (my friend didn't know to check the specs first).. now we're pissed at the phone (not it's fault) and the store for downsizing us knowingly.grrrr...may move on to AT&T and chuck verizon..

9. unregistered

It's a good phone. but it only has one speaker on the whole phone which is kinda stupid if ur speaker goes out u cant talk or hear anything another annoying thing is the memory card slot is under the battery so u gotta tale the battery out 2 put it in or take it out. the only way 2 get good reception is 2 turn on the speaker phone. The music sounds good on it. by the way I've had 4 of these phones so if u want a phone dat tears up alot u'll want the LG vx8700.

8. Tom K unregistered

I have had my phone 4 months and I am going to stop at the store again tonight. I am currently on my 3rd phone, and this one is also failing. I cannot keep my bluetooth headphones connected. I have a Jawbone and a Sony stereo headset, and they either will not pair, connect, or drop out all the time. I have literally had my phone 6 inches from the bluetooth, and it would not connect.

7. Margaret unregistered

I purchased the LG8700 in May and had to exchange it after my speaker went out within a few weeks; now again, the speaker is out in this 'new' 8700 as well. Is anybody having this problem as well? Other than not being able to actually use my phone for its intended purpose, I have loved it.

6. JJ unregistered

I just got this phone yesterday and noticed a weird buzzing/hizzing/vibrating sound coming from the earpiece. Its almost like my voice resonates through the stainless steel making an odd background sound in the speaker. I see a similar comment by the website review. Has anyone else had this problem and been able to fix it? After all, this is a cell phone so call quality is the most important aspect of it. :(

5. Ryan unregistered

Try exchanging the phone. Maybe you got a faulty one. Mine works great and I've had it for about a week now. Highly recommended.

4. Liz unregistered

JC- the regular price according to Verizon is $229.99. They are also showing an instant rebate of $50.

3. TM unregistered

I purchased the 8700 as my "new every two" upgrade. It arrived yesterday and I must say, I am fully impressed. It looks good, feels solid in your hands, and, despite what the review said, the call quality is fine. I haven't noticed any background noise. I also haven't toyed around with the mp3 functions much yet, so there is still more to explore. PS: The images just don't do the phone justice. You can't fully appreciate how slick this phone is until you feel it in your hands, and see it in person. There is a reason it's part of the "Shine" family.

2. JC unregistered

The design of the phone is similar to the Razr,but it looks more stylish. Does anyone know the full retail price of this phone without a contract extension?

13. unregistered

MY 8700 was 430 but that was around christmas last year

1. Dre Liz unregistered

Although I havn't used the phone, I have held and played around with the dummy version of the 8700. The phone felt very solid, like no other phone I have ever held before. I'm very dissapointed to hear that it has poor call quality, and a poor quality speaker. LG is usually very good in making reliable phones. The reason as to why the Micro SD port is behind the battery, although annoying, is because we are supposed to power off the device before removing or entering the Micro SD card, this will actually protect the information on the card. I guess people should know that, if they read the manual.

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