RIM BlackBerry Pearl Review

For years on end Research in Motion (Limited) Blackberry has been one of the leading companies as far as business-oriented mobile phones are concerned. They have led the way for a number of other allegedly leading companies and manufacturers of phones and software developers, such as Nokia, Motorola, Samsung and Microsoft, insofar as the enterprise development of mobile products is being viewed.

Oriented mostly towards today’s business users, RIM phones rely on high quality voice services and the usage of the device as a means of communication proper: a phone as well as a powerful e-mailing system supported by a keyboard for easier writing from the device itself.

Blackberry Pearl is the first product of this brand that not only ranges over business services, but entertainment ones as well: this is the first Blackberry featuring a built-in camera, the first with a memory card slot and also the first to have a multimedia player. In this way the company is trying to venture into the market group that has as yet remained out of their scope– people with more spare time who, though valuing the phone’s business functions, are not that dependent on them and at the same time will not deny themselves the entertainment options.

Apart from its new functionality, 8100 Pearl has a revolutionary design indeed! It has been abruptly cut in size in comparison with the previous models, retaining the Sure Type keyboard, characteristic of the ‘smaller’ models of the brand. Besides that, it adds a very up-to-date and fashionable appearance by means of the elegant black reflecting look of the surface, similar to that of the Motorola KRZRs, which are a hit among ‘designer’ phones at the moment, the way RAZR was at its time. The eye is caught by the innovative trackball – a small white (gleaming) sphere, after which the phone has been named ‘Pearl’.

RIM Blackberry 8100 Pearl has been conceived as a good-looking and quite small stylish business phone, emphasizing on e-mails and voice conversations, including, however, multimedia options such as a mega-pix camera and a music player. The set consists of:

  • Phone;
  • Charger;
  • Mini USB cable;
  • Software CD;
  • User Manual.

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