Motorola Q9h Review
As phones are getting more and more complicated, they are trying to obtain part of the functionality of the standard computer and replace it in some aspects, offering you to do your job on a device that is always with you, instead on the bulky and heavy computer. In 21st century, the communications are not verbal only anymore, the virtual reality is taking a great role in most people’s life, and the manufacturers of mobile phones know this. They are creating handhelds that will allow you to chat and send messages as on a computer, but doing this with a pocket-friendly device that hides in your palm when you are using it in a car, train, bus or on an excursion in the mountain or the desert.

When it comes to Pocket Email, BlackBerry comes in mind with a landscape display and QWERTY keyboard and  excellent email system, optimized for this interface. BlackBerry has been the leader in this market segment for years and this is a fact that the major manufacturers don’t like. So, here we are seeing one of the attempts to change this.

Motorola is the 3rd biggest manufacturer of cellphones world-wide, and is known for its flexibility when it comes to design, producing various phones in different styles, targeting different audiences. But there is one exact thing that differentiates the manufacturer in the last years – its design style. No matter if the phone is simple or complex, it (almost) always looks modern and sexy. The big hit was the RAZR series which were inherited by KRZR, SLVR, RIZR and others, but the device we will review is using this same idea of a slim phone, now packing it full of features.

Motorola Q9h or previously known as Q Q9, is a 3G HSDPA GSM phone, based on the idea of the Motorola Q. The original Q was announced in CDMA and GSM flavors, but launched only in CDMA. The US customers were able to use it with various carriers (Verizon, Sprint, Alltel, AMPd and other) and it was available in some other countries  (Canada for example)which have CDMA carriers, but the most-popular GSM standard was ignored. The Q GSM didn’t shipped and more than year later Motorola re-announced it in a new name, as Q8. The specifications didn’t changed and only the colors of the housing were slightly different, but according to Motorola this was a new phone. Together with it, Motorola announced a completely new device, called the Q9h. It comes with improved specifications, design and support for 3G network.

The Q-family is consisting of RAZR-like slim phones, using Windows Mobile Standard edition OS to obtain advanced functionality and eat out of the BlackBerry market share. The phones are with landscape QVGA displays and full hardware QWERTY keyboards, which combined with the Exchange Push Email of the WM convert them into powerful messaging phone with pocket-friendly size.



7. Mark Fowler unregistered

This device has the Blackberry connect software available from AT&T. I recently got this phone and I get the benefits of Balckberry mail and the flexibility of Windows Mobile. Great phone for business users with most of the multimedia features that most consumers want.

6. bernard unregistered

this is the best phone i have ever had. gps, 2.0 megapixle w/ flashm wm6, best qwerty ever, bluetooth 2.0, automaticaly adjusts screen brightness based on outside light and battery life. the moto q9h manages all this w/out making the device bulky at all. lacks ony WiFi.

5. sandeep unregistered

thanks for the nice and informative review. helped me.

4. timothy unregistered

hey guys my name is tim and i work for at&t, if you have any questions about any of our phones our service or rate plans fill free to come to my page and send me a message and i will get back to you asap!

3. unregistered

You guys have obviously not worked with WM 5 or later. It also take only 2 button presses to send a message to someone in WM. WM is also very stable. Since i got my phones (HTC Wizard, Samsung i600, HTC Tytn), the only time some of them needed a reset was to do the WM 5 to 6 upgrade.

2. Christopher Cox unregistered

I love BlackBerry devices because I send and receive A LOT of messages. What do you have to do under Windows Mobile to send and receive rapidly? It takes a lot of clicks to do something. On a BlackBerry, sending an email, sms, mms, pin, or anything is done with literally 2 clicks after typing in the first few letters of the persons name from the home screen. As long as WM remains as inefficient as it is, it will never surpass BlackBerry as a messenger/email system of choice for most people who email a lot.

1. argonnj unregistered

"BlackBerry has been the leader in this market segment for years and this is a fact that the major manufacturers don’t like." Well start with dropping Win Mobile. Blackberrys are popular, not just for their hardware design, but for their rock solid OS. Unlike Win mobile which tries to cram a regular PC into a phone (which isn't need) Blackberry OS is designed for easy, reliable operation. Win Mobile is overly complex and buggy to be any use on a mobile phone. You take the greatest hardware design, add Win Mobile and what you are left with is CRAP.
  • Display 2.4 inches
    240 x 320 pixels
  • Camera 2 MP (Single camera)
  • Hardware , 0.1GB RAM
  • Storage , microSD
  • Battery 1170 mAh
  • OS Windows Mobile Standard 6.0

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