Verizon offering NFL Mobile app as new season gets ready to kick off

Verizon offering NFL Mobile app as new season gets ready to kick off
Last year, Verizon offered the NFL Mobile app free to its smartphone sporting customers, That included the fabulous Red Zone which takes viewers from game to game, giving you a live feed when a team is at or inside the opponent's 20 yard-line, known as the "red zone". Last year Big Red made it clear that the next season it would charge for some of the app's features, and now that the new season is upon us, the carrier is offering the NFL Mobile app with both a free, basic service and a more video-centric paid one.

Available from the Android Market or iTunes, or by texting NFL to 8915, the app is offered to Verizon customers only. The free, basic version of the app will give you live audio play-by-play of all games in English and in Spanish where available. You can use Gamecenter to follow any game in progress with play-by-play results. Also free are video highlights, news, the NFL schedule, team rosters and team customizations. For those fantasy football players, there is a Fantasy Tracker.

The Premium version of the app includes everything that comes with the basic plan, but includes Red Zone, NFL Network, live Sunday evening, Monday evening and Thursday evening games. To receive all this video content, you merely need to subscribe to Verizon Video. As we reported. Verizon Video replaced the carrier's VCast service and costs $10 per month or $3 for 24 hours of service.

A quick perusal of compatible devices at the sourcelink appears to cover just about every Verizon smartphone in service, but you might want to check it out to be completely sure that your smartphone is covered.

source: Verizon



1. DigitalMD2 unregistered

Verizon is doiing their best to kill off the smartphone craze. Who could get excited about paying for every little piece of content and tiered data plans, throttling etc. GO ahead Verizon, make them all shiny high-speed paperweights. Rule the airwave my A**

2. jldleo

Posts: 38; Member since: Aug 09, 2011

I refuse to pay for the same service that I received for free last year.. Verizon I am really beginning to believe that it is all.. and I mean all about the money.

3. TheFunnyMan

Posts: 77; Member since: Jan 26, 2011

Can you really blame Verizon for it, though? They are, if nothing else, a business. And I am sure the NFL wants their cut, too, being another business. Besides, if you already can watch the games, you dont need to pay for the ability to watch live games. If you cant watch the games, $10 a month is WAY cheaper that paying for a basic cable package that gives you local games only. Don't complain so much about a business trying to stay profitable, people

4. unregistered

Really, thefunnyman, I can't believe your taking that approach to this subject.Verizon is a business correct but they are a very profitable business and taking another $10 from the everyday smartphone user is ridiculous. Verizon already makes millons of dollars of profit EVERY QUARTER so taking this money from the user is showing that Verizon and the NFL only care about making money. I get the concept of you need to make money to survive as a company but both Verizon and the NFL make enough money that they could give something away for free for once. If you must know I am a smartphone user on Verizons network and an avid football fan but I will not pay $10 to line the pockets of both the NFL and Veizon. With the economy tanking and people trying to cut corners I hope those with enough common sense realize that this is rip off and your only hurting yourself in the end. To those that can afford the $10 by all means go ahead and do it because I'm sure this is just change to you. Hopefully common sense prevails here and people realize what these two corporations are doing.

5. trin

Posts: 88; Member since: May 11, 2010

Are these two corporations forcing you to sign up for these extra, optional services? No truly successful company is in business to "survive". They are in it to make money hand over fist. They're in the business of supply and demand. Stop paying for it and it will either go away or be offered for free. If these devices are a necessity to you then the cost is worth it. If not, it's just a luxury and like driving a Benz as opposed to a ford focus the difference in cost will always seem/be ridiculous.

6. @trin unregistered

@Trin. I could care less about how much the service costs. I specifically signed up with Verizon a few months ago for 2 reasons. Unlimited data and the nfl app.....which by the way the representative mentioned to me would be offered to me at no cost. Another lie that has been spread around by the phone companies is the 2gb cap that is being imposed over people because of the top 2 or top 5 of data hogs are using up the band width. At&t and Tmobile are throttling because the usage is so much yet at&t is stating that they are buying tmobile because that will "ease" the strain. How can that be if both companies are throttling because of the same "problem"? Simply come out and be straight forward instead of lying to the public. This is a quote from the internal verizon memo which is utter hog wash and any dummy wouldn't fall for: "With the new usage based pricing plans, the vast majority of our customers will be able to enjoy their typical level of data consumption for the same value that they outlay today. Additionally, for those who have greater requirements for data, we will have solutions that they can tailor to their unique needs." There are certain truths to "supply and demand" which are inevitable but the truth is that unemployment is extremely high in the states which means that people are driving less to work, church, vacation spots and many other places but yet the prices of gasoline are extremely high. I would continue with my argument but I have to go.

8. dail unregistered

So is the free app actually free? I'm reading that people are getting charged to use it even though it says free. I looked but didn't see a separate paid app, so what's the deal? If I click on a video in the app will they automatically start charging $10, or will it warn me first?

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