Verizon clearing out inventory in preparation for new iPhone

Verizon clearing out inventory in preparation for new iPhone
While you should always take such info with at least a small pinch of salt, we're nevertheless excited to share some juicy details with you, regarding the upcoming new iPhone and Verizon. In short, the arrival of the iPhone 5, or whatever, on the nation's “most reliable network” might be closer than we expect.

A trustworthy tipster of ours let us know that Verizon has started discounting certain accessory bundles for the iPhone 4, which, it turns out, usually means that they're phasing their inventory out, in order to get ready for the new handset. After that, our person says, we should expect them to lower the prices of single accessory offerings, which should mean that the iPhone 4 is really reaching its EOL (at least as far as being the prime iPhone).

Although this piece of info doesn't provide us with a specific iPhone 5 release date, we'd like to remind you that latest speculation has hinted at a late-August/September launch. Whether that will happen, however, remains to be seen. Another interesting question that's yet unanswered is whether or not we'll see the next Apple phone appear on Sprint and T-Mobile, as some analysts expect. Should this turn out true, Apple will probably get yet another nice boost in adoption, considering the success of the iPhone 4 on Verizon's network, where it launched earlier this year.

It's been an unusually long reign for the Apple iPhone 4. Now that we'll soon have to say “Goodbye!”, it's also a bit sad when we think about it. After all, there are not many handsets out there that are made of only glass and steel, but that can still survive a 13,500 feet drop and live to tell the tale.

Thanks, anonymous tipster!

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