Android owners with the self-tying Nike sneakers are not pleased

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Last month, we told you about Nike's new Adapt BB sneakers, which laces up the shoe automatically when put on. The fit can also be adjusted using the Nike Adapt app, allowing you to tighten or loosen the laces by using your phone. Complaints found in the Google Play Store recently posted by users (via The Verge) reveals that days after an update was dispatched to the Android version of the Adapt app, some of those who spent $350 for a pair of these high-tech kicks were kicking themselves.

Something went haywire with the update, preventing some Android users from pairing either their left or right sneaker with the app. Sure, it isn't the end of the world since the laces can be adjusted manually, but buyers affected by this sure do have 350 reasons to be pissed. And judging from the tone of the comments found on the Adapt app's listing in the Google Play Store, there are some out there ready to march to Nike HQ in Beaverton, Oregon with a torch and pitchfork. For example, one Nike Adapt BB owner says, "Can't believe Nike put out a product that just feels rushed or unfinished. Support has been useless thus far."

If there is one common thread in the complaints, outside of the fact that one of the sneakers won't pair with the app, it is that Nike's support crew is not doing, or is unable to do its job. Some have reported that a hard reset will result in both sneakers pairing to the Android app. You must reset one sneaker at a time by following these directions:

  1. Hold down both buttons on the shoe for five seconds. You will see two red flashes and then a solid red light before it goes off.
  2. Hold down one button. When the light turns white, continuing holding that button while pressing the other one the other three times until the lights cycle to green.
  3. Release buttons for 15 seconds.
Some say they had initial success with the reset only for the problem to return. Hopefully, Nike will find the problem and send out another update.

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