Update to Korean LG G4 fixes certain issues with the phone

Update to Korean LG G4 fixes certain issues with the phone
The Korean version of the LG G4 has received an OTA update that fixes a number of issues with the phone. Screenshots sent to us by a loyal PhoneArena reader reveal that the update takes care of a problem that results in the phone overheating when certain apps have been running for a long time. Other changes include an improvement to the touchscreen that allows it to be responsive even when using a thick screen protector.

The update to the LG G4 in Korea adds the 'pin app' icon to the Recent apps menu. When an app is pinned, it cannot be cleared off the screen. This comes in handy if you're allowing your young child to use the phone to play a specific game, and you don't want little Jack or Janet to start exploring on your phone. You also should notice a change when using your LG G4 outside. Visibility has been improved to make the screen clearer only in bright areas. And the icon seen in the status bar for the Battery Saver has been changed.

There are also a few other improvements to the phone that come with the update. You can read the entire changelist by taking a gander at the screenshots, which can be viewed by clicking on the slideshow below!

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