Update sent out for Microsoft Surface RT users

Update sent out for Microsoft Surface RT users
Last Saturday, the Microsoft Surface Pro was launched and while the number of tablets actually sold is said to be less than 20,000 units, both the 128GB and 64GB models were sold out. Despite what you might call the "success" of the Microsoft Surface Pro launch, the Redmond based company is continuing to make sure that its more traditional slate, the Microsoft Surface RT, is being taken care of.

To that end, an update is going out today to owners of the Surface RT that will repair a problem with the tablet that showed limited access for Wi-Fi connectivity. The update also improves performance with Windows itself, and the volume and  power buttons. To see if you received the update, you can click on the upper right portion of the screen or swipe in from the right edge. Click on Settings, and tap on Change PC settings. Then, tap on Windows Update and Check for Updates.

The January update repaired issues with the audio when the tablet was in Connected Standby, and added additional capabilities for firmware updates when the battery is low. The December update was supposed to reduce the scenarios that woukd result in the limited Wi-Fi notice, and also added non-standard-ASCII special characters such as: ñ, ö, ü, á, é to Access Point names.

source: Microsoft (1), (2) via Engadget

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