Unreal Engine games coming to current Android models

Unreal Engine games coming to current Android models
According to earlier reports, games using the Unreal Engine would only be available to the dual-core devices of tomorrow. Now, Trendy Entertainment is reporting that they will have Unreal-powered games for currently available single-core Android devices as soon as December.

Trendy Entertainment says that 'Dungeon Defenders' is "coming to all iOS devices 3GS & up, and most OpenGL ES 2.0 capable Android devices, and with cross-compatible characters has essentially all the same features as the console version." This is exciting, because now devices like the Samsung Galaxy S line, the DROID 2, DROID X, and most HTC devices with the Snapdragon processor will be compatible.

This is great news for early Android adopters that thought they'd be left behind once the dual-core revolution begins. While we know you'll upgrade a dual-core device at some point (won't we all?), it's reassuring to see that higher-end games will still be made available.

For those that don't know, the Unreal Engine is a gaming engine developed in 1998 by Epic Games for 'Unreal.' Since then, it has been used in a plethora of top videogames, including 'Deus Ex,' 'Unreal Tournament,' 'BioShock,' 'Gears of War,' 'Mass Effect,' 'Medal of Honor (2010),' etc.

Below is a video of 'Dungeon Defenders: First Wave,' which is coming out in December for iOS, Android, PC, Xbox, and Playstation. This will give you a taste of what you can expect from the Unreal Engine on your mobile device.

source: Dungeon Defenders via Android and Me

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