Two new colors for the LG G2 officially announced by LG: Red and Gold

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Two new colors for the LG G2 officially announced by LG: Red and Gold
On Wednesday, Korean OEM LG officially announced two new limited edition colors for its Android flagship model. The LG G2 will now be available in red and gold. On Tuesday, we showed you a picture of the gold model that was seen in an online store, priced exactly the same as the black and white standard models. That works out to 14,900 TWD ($496) for the 16GB model, and 16,900 TWD ($562 USD) for the 32GB unit.

LG introduced the limited edition colors to celebrate the Chinese New Year holiday, which begins in two weeks. The red and gold colored LG G2 models do sport a different back than the one on the standard models. The red and gold units have a textured back cover, which makes it easier to maintain a grip on the phone and also helps keep fingerprints from accumulating.

In Singapore, the new red and gold models will cost $898 SGD and will be available starting January 18th from local telecom operators Starhub, SingTel and M1. While the Chinese New Year is not recognized as an official holiday in the states, perhaps LG will still make these colors available in the U.S.

The LG G2 has two new limited edition colors, gold and red

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