Improved Dark mode coming to Twitter

Improved Dark mode coming to Twitter
Unhappy with the current Dark mode on Twitter? The feature, which is actually called Night mode on the app, gives users the options of using a dark background with white text, sticking with the usual white background and black text, or having Night mode turn on automatically at sunset. The reason why some Twitter users complain about the Night mode is that some feel the background is more blue than black (see the images at the top of this article).

One Twitter user told the platform's co-founder and CEO Jack Dorsey that the background color on the app's Night mode is a "weird blue." Dorsey responded by tweeting that he was just discussing the subject with Twitter's product lead Kayvon Beykpour. The last two words that Dorsey tweeted in the conversation, "Will Fix," should bring hope to users of the app looking for an improved Night mode.

Google has been helping to popularize this feature as it added Dark mode to many of its apps including YouTube and Android Messages. The feature is making its way to Google Assistant, and Android Q will reportedly bring a system wide Dark mode to the operating system.

Dark mode helps prevent the eye strain that occurs when users stare at a bright white screen with black text at night, or in a room with low or no lighting. It also prevents innocent bystanders from getting blinded by a phone screen in a dark room. For those using a phone with an AMOLED screen, the black background doesn't require those pixels to be turned on, saving battery life. And there are some who just prefer the look of Dark mode at all times.

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