Transfer data from your old handset to your new one with Samsung Smart Switch

Transfer data from your old handset to your new one with Samsung Smart Switch
Alliteration is a wonderful thing. It can take a boring sentence and make it roll right off your tongue. For example, we can tell you about Samsung Smart Switch. This is a feature built in to the Samsung Galaxy S7 that allows you to quickly and easily move over messages, photos, music, videos, call records and messages from your old iOS, BlackBerry or Android phone to your new Galaxy S7. And if you are moving the data from an older Android powered Samsung phone to your new one, you will be able to move over Galaxy Apps as well.

You will find Samsung Smart Switch in the Backup and Restore section of your grocer's freezer Galaxy S7; even if you are a smartphone novice, don't fret. The app practically holds your hand and shows you step-by-step directions on how to do it no matter which phone you are leaving.

While the Samsung Smart Switch is already pre-installed on the Galaxy S7, you will need to install it on your old phone. If that happens to be an Android model, you can pick up the app from the Google Play Store. If your old phone is a BlackBerry or an iPhone, click on the sourcelink.

Obviously, Samsung feels that by making it easier for you to move from an older phone to a Samsung Galaxy S7, you're more likely to make the switch to Sammy's new flagship phone.

source: SamsungSmartSwitch via AndroidCentral

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